Universal Life Insurance

Life Insurance Retirement Plan, under Internal Revenue Code Section 7702

Funded with: Universal Life Insurance

Policy Highlights

  • Flexible Premiums
  • Adjustable Death Benefits
  • Guaranteed Minimum Interest
  • Guaranteed Maximum Charges
  • Current Interest - set by the insurance company, either a portfolio yield or new money rate, based on the returns on the insurance company’s general account, can be increased or decreased by the insurance company as often as monthly.*
  • Current Charges - costs of insurance and administrative charges may be lower than the guaranteed maximum in the policy, subject to change by the insurance company, and will vary based on the company’s mortality experience and expenses.

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*Some Universal Life Insurance policies are designed to provide a guaranteed death benefit with a minimum premium outlay that is guaranteed, at the expense of cash surrender value accumulation. They are often called GUL, which stands for Guaranteed Universal Life, or NLG UL, which stands for No Lapse Guarantee Universal Life. These policies are excellent death benefit products, but may not be appropriate for cash surrender value accumulation and for use as a retirement supplement.

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